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Latisse for longer eyelashes


If women want to grow longer, fuller, darker eyelashes, Brooke Shields suggests on a ubiquitous television advertisement that they ask their doctors if Latisse is right for them.
But in the case of Latisse, which has sold more than a million bottles to date and gained something of a cult following, it turns out to be easy to bypass a doctor’s prescription or visit.
Some salon workers dispense it to clients who go in for facials. Web sites in the United States and abroad sell it outright with few questions asked. Even doctors are getting into the act: for example, Dr. Anshul V. Gambhir, a former primary care doctor, runs, which boasts that it is the “largest Latisse retailer.” All it takes to get Latisse mailed out — without ever seeing him — is filling out a medical history, which he reviews, and typing in a valid credit card number.

“We are doing a ton of business,” said Dr. Gambhir, who also offers Latisse at his three offices in Pennsylvania.
Most people use Latisse, a topical solution, with few, if any, complaints. But the drug can cause redness, itchiness, and irritation, which go away if use is discontinued. Less common is eyelid discoloration, which Allergan, the manufacturer, says “maybe reversible.” A rare side effect that has captured the most attention is the chance that one’s hazel or blue eyes could turn brown — forever.

Ensure the face is well cleaned, makeup and contact lenses are removed. Once nightly, place one drop of LATISSE® (Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03% on the sterile applicators supplied with the product package and apply evenly along the skin of the upper eyelid margin, at the very base of the eyelashes – much like you would use an eye-liner. One drop is sufficient for use on both eyes – this is the recommended dose. Keep applicators clean and away from touching other surfaces.
The effect on eye-lashes is visible after four weeks of continuous use, but the full effect is achieved up to the 16th week. Latisse® guarantees lasting results up to one year, following a full cycle of application!

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